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Dr. Ethelle Lord

Founder, International Caregivers Association
Fluent in English and French
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" I want to change the course of dementia care. Everything is in motion to do just that with the Transactional Dementia Intelligence model"

~ Dr. Ethelle Lord

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Dr. Ethelle Lord is a dementia management consultant and the founder of the International Caregivers Association.


Dr. Lord has a consulting practice in Southern California and in northern Maine. She is the creator of the Transactional Dementia Intelligencesm model for dementia care business owners. Through research and practice, Dr. Lord discovered the "missing" piece of the puzzle in dementia care that allows management to increase their bottom line by improved employee retention and superior dementia care delivery to their customers.

For a consultation appointment with Dr. Lord or to request a copy of her White Paper on the Transactional Dementia Intelligence model, please email her.


Transactional Dementia Intelligencesm
A systemic model of dementia care

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."  - R. Buckminster Fuller

After a few decades in the field of dementia care and hundreds of hours in the management of dementia and memory loss, it is clear that almost all of the dementia care models are obsolete.

Some assisted living and long-term care facilities are just starting out, looking for the best possible model of care to build their business from. Others have been in business for many years and are looking for ways to best continue doing business, retain their employees longer, and find ways to increase their bottom line.


Until today…


The International Caregivers Association (ICA) is thrilled to introduce the Transactional Dementia Intelligencesm – A systemic model of dementia care, a new business model of dementia care that makes your existing model obsolete.

What’s in the new model of dementia care? The new model of dementia care takes a systems approach in the following areas: Administration, Implementation and Operations in the realm of dementia care. For example, Transactional DI partners include a health/dementia coach at the center of your team, family caregivers as TDI partners, less employee burnout, support for management, doctors and your entire workforce. 


Do you have any questions? Feel free to email at and someone will get back to you right away.


Common Problems

Transactional Dementia Intelligencesm Model Overview

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Please Note: The duration and specific details of the training programs may vary and can be customized based on the needs and requirements of the business or organization.


A. Speaking Alzheimer

B. Addressing human needs to preempt frustration

C. Personal care and your staff

D. Family management

E. Ethics in dementia care

F. Types of caregivers

Training:  "Administration section" will require 1-hour sessions a week for 6 months.


A. Speaking Alzheimer

B. Dementia care

C. Addressing human needs to preempt frustration

D. Social, recreational, spiritual activities

E. Alzheimer's disease process

F. Supplemental vs prescription drugs and dementia

G. Your personal care

Training: "Implementation section" will require 1/2-hour sessions, every week, on a continuous basis (12 months).


A. Speaking Alzheimer

B. Dementia process

C. Supporting the person living with Alzheimer

Training: "Operations section" will require 1/2-hour sessions, once a month, on a continuous basis (12 months). The health/dementia coach will be the principal trainer, with occasional guest presenter/trainer.

Training may include a presentation, reading material, videos, group exercises, and other training to include socially and spiritual sensitive material. 

What people are saying

What people are saying about TDI

Dr. Kathryn List. Medical Psychiatrist Social Worker, Gig Harbour, Washington USA

You are a genius my dear. That is a well written paper and you are spot on. 

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