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Dr. Ethelle Lord's Background

Personal Profile

Dr. Lord has 21 years of first-hand experience as a dementia caregiver for her husband, Major Larry S. Potter, USAF Ret., who was officially diagnosed in January 2003 with Vascular Dementia. His dementia was contained in 2015 when he participated as a subject in a small but informal energy medicine study along with six other participants from California to France (

Larry died on June 18, 2020 from a broken heart since the nursing facility was locked down to all visitors, due to Covid-19.

In the summer of 2012, she was a keynote in Chicago to a large audience of neurologists from all over the world who were seeking first-hand information on family caregiving and Alzheimer’s. Her keynote was entitled “Yes Virginia, You Can Have an Alzheimer’s-Friendly Healthcare Experience”. From that moment on, she realized the great need for the importance of adopting a universal standard in training and delivering dementia care by professionals and family caregivers.

Dr. Lord is a published author, educator, speaker and master Alzheimer/dementia coach and a pioneer in dementia coaching. She authored ALZHEIMER'S AND DEMENTIA COACHING: Creating an Alzheimer's-friendly healthcare workforce published by LEGAIA Books (second edition). First edition was published by TATE Publishing. She also has authored hundreds of articles over the years. Many of the articles are available online


Her book is out of publication since both LEGAIA Books and TATE Publishing went bankrupt. A few copies may be found on the secondhand market such as

Dr. Lord's Alzheimer's primers are free of charge for a digital copy by simply sending her an email at and requesting a copy of HOW IN THE WORLD... AND NOW WHAT DO I DO? The primer is available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.


Dr. Lord is available for consultations, presentations, and dementia coaching by contacting her at (207) 764-1214 in her Maine office, or (760) 660-4644 in her California office.

Dr. Lord is a published author, educator, speaker, and management dementia coach.


Phone: (207) 764-1214 in Maine

In California; (760) 660-4644

Text: (207) 769-9447


Dr. Éthelle Lord

Founding President of the ICA

Creator of the Care Provider Partnership Agreement Program




University of Maine

University of Phoenix

Doctorate degree in management from the University of Phoenix (2010)

Master’s degree in counseling from the University of Maine (1992)


Advanced training certificate in face reading (2018) that allows how to quickly and effectively relate to someone who is living with dementia. With the belief that face reading an essential tool for all dementia coaches and care providers.

Practitioner of energy medicine, especially the Good Shepherd Healing System (GSHS).



Graduate certificate as a life coach from CoachU (2002) Is a practitioner of energy medicine (Good Shepherd Healing System or GSHS).

Several certificates in a variety of professional training programs that support dementia care and coaching.

More about Dr. Lord

Fluent in English and French


Creator of the Care Provider Partnership Agreement Program (CPPAP)

Founding president of the International Caregivers Association

Founding president of Remembering for You

Founding president of Teamwork Development Associates

Presenter in national and international conferences

Professor of business, social science, marketing (formerly)

Dementia coach trainer

Master dementia coach

Life coach

Face reading professional 

Soul Link practitioner (Re-Leaf Yourself)

Trainer & certification director at ANSIR (formerly)

Energy medicine practitioner

Mental health counselor (formerly in private practice)

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